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Communication IS Connection.

Break Down Your English Pronunciation Barrier!

Improve Your English Pronunciation!

My new 1-On-1, fully supported coaching program shows you exactly how to go from struggling to be heard, to being understood the first time you speak…

Fill out the form below and let’s jump on a quick, free application call to see if you’re a good fit for the program.

Attention: Non-Native English Speakers...

I’ve developed a highly effective fully supported coaching program that takes your from a struggling speaker to effective communicator in as little as 90 days.

This program is completely tailored to you specifically and your unique needs!

From: Rebecca Bower

St. Catharines, Ontario


My name is Rebecca Bower. I received my BA from Brock University and my MHSc from the University of Toronto. I am a Compton P-ESL-Certified Accent Reduction consultant and Instructor.

As a speech therapist and certified accent coach I have the skills and knowledge to help you make meaningful and measurable change.

With my knowledge and experience I can give you the skills that ensure that when you talk, others listen.

I have extensive experience providing speech and language intervention to adults that are seeking to improve their English pronunciation (a.k.a. ‘soften their accent’).

I am registered in good standing with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

I train clients to use a neutral Standard North American English accent that is commonly heard on national television.

What this all means is that I have the educational background, extensive experience, and understanding to know how important it is to you that you speak clearly and in a way others understand you the first time you speak.

With my background, credentials, and experience I can do just that and in as little as 90 days with the PROactive Pronunciation System!

My focus is to provide practical and real-world outcomes in accent modification for adults; I want you to succeed in real life communication situations.

Natural conversation is the goal of intervention/instruction, and I always encourage clients to provide input on what is important to them.

I was recently interviewed by Sebastian Schieke on his show, The Unshakeable Entrepreneur. Although his show focuses largely on Entrepreneurship, the interview goes into a good amount of detail about my background, how PROactive came to be, the 13 week flagship program that's offered, and where I'm taking things in the future. If you're looking to find out more about myself and the PROactive company, this interview should answer most of your questions!

Sound Familiar?

You’re a professional who has been trying to improve your English pronunciation for years by studying books, television, music, and online videos but, haven’t got the results you are after.

You are FRUSTRATED, DEMORALIZED, and fed up with not being understood! You don’t want to see any more confused looks when you speak.

Maybe you’ve even taken DIY courses to try to improve your American English pronunciation, with no success.

You want to be able to order your morning coffee without a hassle.

You want to speak English confidently with your supervisors, colleagues, clients/patients, and native English speaking friends and acquaintances.

No matter what you try, you’re STILL being asked, “Could you repeat that?” on a regular basis.

Maybe, most importantly, you want to stop feeling like your private relationships or work prospects are being affected because of your English pronunciation!

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Imagine a life where your English pronunciation no longer feels like a barrier. Imagine what it would be like to speak clearly so that everyone understood what you were saying…the FIRST time! This IS in your power to change; you just need the right program and support. You need…

  • A knowledgeable instructor that understands the anatomy and physiology of speech: the tongue placement required for certain sounds to be produced

  • A complete program, not just piecemeal information that yields no noticeable results

  • A thorough assessment to identify your exact problem areas

  • Support, so you never get stuck in the process

That’s exactly what I do and I’m good at it! You need a LIVE Certified Accent trainer that provides unlimited specific feedback that is tailored to your individual needs, taught to you step-by-step with the same instructor each week to support you all through the process.

That is why other methods aren’t that effective for most people.

IF accepted into the PROactive coaching program, you WILL:

  • Improve your English pronunciation by 50-80% (*See my Money Back Guarantee)

  • Speak English with greater confidence

  • Finally be understood the first time you speak

Why THIS Program?

As a speech-language pathologist, I am uniquely qualified to instruct on accent modification training. I have more than twelve years’ experience working directly in phonetics and articulation rehabilitation as well as extensive experience in the analysis of the intricacies of articulation. Being a speech therapist I am regulated under certain professional associations that assure clinical compliance:

The PROactive Pronunciation System is founded on research-based methods, with a focus on real life outcomes. On a personal level, I strive to provide a warm, safe and comfortable atmosphere to improve my client’s communication, which is what makes my services stand out from the rest.

My unique background enables me to create a truly personalized program, to support you in becoming the most effective communicator you can be. Large companies have also enlisted my services to help their employees to become better communicators!

  • Other factors to consider are that I am:

  • Proficient in transcription of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

  • Knowledgeable about the anatomy and physiology involved in speech production

  • Able to apply extensive knowledge of the muscles involved in speech production

  • Trained in analyzing articulation as well as the supra-segmentals of speech

  • Keep in mind that:

    An ESL teacher simply does not hold these same qualifications.

    This program works:

  • Even if… you’re fluent in English but, people you speak to have trouble understanding you

  • Even if… you’ve thought to yourself, “My pronunciation can never get better, it is what it is”

  • Even if… you’ve struggled with your English pronunciation for years

  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed and have no idea where to start

You CAN Do This!

You have felt enough frustration by not being understood in your life, and you’re done waiting. You’re here to improve your pronunciation. You’re here to finally take that step you didn’t know you needed to take, to get the results you’ve been wanting. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! 

Introducing the:

All illustrations are for visual representation only. The PROactive Pronunciation System is a 100% online coaching program only.

A New Opportunity

My one-on-one online coaching program, The PROactive Pronunciation System, is an intensive 13 session, fully supported program. I take you from ground zero and guide you step-by-step through the next 13 sessions focusing on the specific issues that you are personally facing with your English pronunciation.

It’s NOT a string of random online videos, it’s NOT another DIY course, it’s NOT another unsupported coaching program.

My exclusive system helps you to improve your English pronunciation by at least 50-80%, maybe more.

Everything You Get:

The In-Depth Discovery Meetup:

This initial consultation is a chance for you to meet with me and discuss your communication needs. We go over the finer points of the program, and exactly how it will support you during and between your sessions.

Value: $87

The Initial and Final Assessments:

You complete a 5 minute recording of you speaking words, sentences, reading a short passage, and providing a conversation sample. What takes you 5 minutes to record can take up to 4 hours to analyze! In order to custom make your program for you I need to meticulously analyze your specific pronunciation issues and create a plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

Value: $1,058

The Initial and Final Assessment Reports:

You can finally see for yourself exactly what your problem areas are. No more guessing. This report will also serve as a way for you to be able to compare your pre- and post-program results. The Final Assessment Report will then show you exactly how much you have improved.

Value: $794

13 1-Hour Individualized Pronunciation Sessions:

These sessions are all completed via video coaching. Each week we meet, we discuss your specific problem vocabulary words and begin to learn new pronunciation techniques. You will learn exactly HOW to know when you are pronouncing things RIGHT, and when you are pronouncing things WRONG!

Value: $2,279

Personalized Audio Files:

This program is tailored to YOU. You will receive personalized audio files for all the vocabulary that you have had trouble with, along with specific instruction on what to do with your tongue, lips, and jaw to produce those words clearly.

Value: $1,137

13 Weeks of “Ask-Me-Anything” Support:

You can send emails, texts, and messages in the client portal, or even call with specific questions. Your message will be returned with a detailed response. I provide my clients with audio feedback, video tips, tricks and instruction throughout their program. You are encouraged to submit the speech samples you're practicing from each weeks session for feedback. It's recommended to use this support outside of regular sessions to make the best out of both experiences. I'm with you all week long!

Value: $999

Personalized Practice Materials:

Each time you meet with me you will receive specifically curated practice materials that will be tailored to you and your needs for that week. You will only receive those exercises that will have the most impact when it comes to improving your pronunciation.

Value: $2,177

BONUS #1 – The Certificate of Completion:

This certificate proves to you that you were willing to do what was necessary to change your life for the better. You should be extremely proud of the work and commitment you made to get to where you are now!


BONUS #2 – Pre and Post-Recordings:

Actually hear your results! You’ll receive an audio or video file, depending on which you decided to submit, of your pre- and post-speech sample. You will get even more undeniable evidence of your pronunciation improvement.

Value: $97

That's A Total Value Of $8,628

But, You Only Pay

$2,397 CAD

You have three options when it comes to payment:

Single Payment

$2,397 CAD

Pay the full amount at the start of the program (Best Value).

2 Equal Payments

$2,497 CAD

Pay in two separate installments of $1,248.50.

Installment Plan

$2,497 CAD

Let's work out an installment plan based on your budget.

Isn't That Expensive?

This program is not for everyone. This course is for those who understand the true value that their communication skills hold in their personal and professional lives. My clients understand the incredible value of their improved English pronunciation and how it is an extension of all of the hard work and education they have already achieved in their careers.

The PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program has unlimited support, and that is what makes it stand out from the other courses out there.

It's a significant investment of your time and money. But, the rewards far outweigh the initial upfront cost. What you're looking at is a real chance to improve something that's stifling your social and professional life.

You can look forward to improved confidence when speaking.

Rid yourself of being asked to repeat what you say, or worse yet, having people pretend to understand you when they really don't.

You can look forward to others focusing less on your pronunciation and more on what you're actually saying.

And remember, it's not simply 13 one hour sessions. It's so much more.

You are fully supported for the duration of the program. You're given custom tailored practice materials that are specific to you and your unique pronunciation needs and goals.

You also have full access to me for any follow-up issues between sessions. And you're given two thorough assessments at the beginning and end of the program letting you know exactly where you're starting and how far you've come, in a concrete and measurable fashion with percentage based outcomes.

I don't personally know of another program out there like this one. And that's why when you try and compare PROactive's system to what else is out there you're really comparing apples to oranges!

So yes, if you're only looking at the dollar cost of the PROactive Pronunciation System it may seem expensive but, that's also why I back it up with my money back guarantee:

Have No Fear!

My money back guarantee:

If you complete the thirteen 1-hour session within a thirteen week period, complete all necessary practice, and do not achieve an improvement of at least 50% you may request a full refund. Refund requests have to be made at the time final assessment results are given or within seven days of the results being sent to you.

"But, I've Taken Courses Before With No Results."

This usually comes down to three things:

  1. Quality of instruction.
  2. The information was too overwhelming or confusing.
  3. No support, accountability or coaching.

Let me start by saying, you haven't tried a program like this before!

With the PROactive Pronunciation System Coaching Program I make sure to deliver the information you need in order to make the improvements you're after without overwhelming or confusing you.

I fully support you throughout the entire program. We meet one-on-one each week for a full hour. And in between each session you have full access to me for any follow-up that's needed.

I give you only the necessary practice materials that are specific to you and your needs. Your success is as important to me as it is to you.

You can't fail with the PROactive Pronunciation System. I guarantee it!

Worst Case Scenario

You sign up for the PROactive Pronunciation Program, you attend all 13 one-on-one sessions, are fully supported the entire time with unlimited feedback and individualized practice materials, you put in the time and practice outside of your sessions and despite everyone's best efforts (yours and mine) you do not achieve at least a 50% improvement in your English pronunciation.

You get your money back.

So, if you think about it, the worst case scenario isn't so bad. There's literally no risk to you.

You will have received a ton of value. And if you've attended your sessions and put in the practice but, still don't succeed you can get a full refund.

Best Case Scenario: Results Like These!

George, a medical researcher, improved by 92%!!

I just finished working with one of my clients, George, who used to spend hours of each day listening to English podcasts religiously. He did this for YEARS! He would repeat the speech he heard in the hopes that he would improve his own pronunciation.

He didn’t, and he couldn’t understand why! After 13 sessions with the help of the PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program George improved his English pronunciation by 92%!

His confidence in speaking English is at an all-time high and he no longer needs to repeat what he says!

Often times, people hesitate to apply to the PROactive Coaching Program because somewhere along the line they’ve built up the belief that their pronunciation will just improve on its own with time.

The hard truth is that it requires knowledgeable training. Time will only make a change more difficult.

The sooner you apply the better! I will give you all the tools and support you need to ensure you reach your pronunciation goals. The only thing that’s required of you is to take the first step. Book your application call to see if you’re a good fit for the program.

Don't worry; the application call is just a casual conversation about your needs and whether or not you’re well suited for the program.

So what are you waiting for?

Book your free application call today to get started.

I want to help you improve your English pronunciation like George did.

More Clients, Similar Results:

There Is NO CATCH!

This Program Definitely Works!

I get asked all the time, “Does this program actually work?”

Well, for my clients, the answer is emphatically YES! The PROactive Pronunciation System utilizes the Compton P-ESL method which is based on more than 20 years of research and demonstrates consistent student improvement of at least 50-80% when 19 target sounds are addressed over the course of 13 weeks with the recommended practice.

So, WHAT THIS MEANS IS career advancement, job success, promotions, and improved self-confidence are all within in your reach!

But, don’t take my word for it.

I think these client case studies say it all:

Aphrodite had been speaking English regularly in Canada for 6 years. She was previously an English teacher in China. She explained how her accent has impacted her socially, and her goal was to improve her speech for confidence and to be better understood by others. She felt that her accent was having a big impact in her career, and her communication skills were holding her back from moving up in her field. After 13 sessions, Aphrodite achieved a 92% improvement in her English pronunciation!


Private Equity Associate

From China

Selina’s first language is Portuguese, and she has been speaking English for 5 years. Selina wanted to improve her English pronunciation for personal reasons; she wanted to feel more confident when speaking English, and she wanted to improve her clarity. Selina said that she often has to repeat herself to others. Selina completed another well-known self study course prior to enrolling in the PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program, and although she thought “it had good information”, she said that since “it was not one-on-one, she didn’t get the feedback she needed to actually make improvements.” After the PROactive Pronunciation System, Selina improved her English pronunciation by 85%!



From Brazil

Ruby has a Master’s degree. She had spoken English for more than 12 years before she decided to seek help with her accent. Ruby wanted nothing more than to be taken seriously in her profession. She felt she was not being heard. After working with me Ruby improved her English pronunciation by 81%!


Commercial Real Estate

From China

Niran had been speaking English since he was 3 years old. He began the PROactive Pronunciation System because he was tired of repeating himself to native English speakers, and he wanted to feel more confident speaking, and wanted to ensure his future career goals were not impacted by his English communication skills. After 13 sessions, Niran achieved an 81% improvement in his English pronunciation.


University Student

From China

Nikita is from Russia but had actually been speaking English since she was a young child. She had been in Canada for 5 years before she made the decision to complete the PROactive Pronunciation system. She had tried learning from other online courses and videos before, but did not get the results she needed. Nikita wanted to improve her presentation skills. She didn’t want to have to repeat herself to others anymore. She wanted to feel confident speaking English. After joining and completing the 13 session PROactive Pronunciation System, Nikita improved her English pronunciation by 78%!


PHD, Researcher, Project Coordinator

From Russia

Elle is a native Mandarin speaker who had emigrated from China and had been speaking English for more than four years but, the BIG problem was that people were still having difficulty understanding her. After Elle's 13 sessions she showed an improvement of 72% in her English pronunciation.


Early Childhood Educator

From China

Yasmine is an Engineer who is a native Spanish speaker who learned English as a child. Unfortunately more than 30 years of speaking English didn't improve her pronunciation. She came to me because she felt she was losing out on promotions because of her communication skills. With my help Yasmine showed an improvement of 66% in her English pronunciation.



From Spain

Sven is from Germany. He learned English in school and has been practicing nearly on a daily basis for 20 years. After joining and completing Instruction with Rebecca through the PROactive Pronunciation System, Sven improved his English pronunciation by 82%! His goals to improve his confidence when speaking and finally speaking English with clarity was finally achieved!


Business leader, Professional speaker, Entrepreneur mentor

From Germany

Sam is from China, and has been speaking English for over 26 years. He said he found it difficult to express himself in large social settings and meetings, and that it was impacting his career and preventing him from applying to leadership positions. He explained that he would often shy away from such a situation due the fear that people may not understand what he was saying. He knew that with an improvement in his pronunciation, that his communication skills would open up opportunities in the workplace and socially. After joining and completing Instruction with Rebecca through the PROactive Pronunciation System, Sam improved his English pronunciation by 87%! He now has the benefits of his new communication skills in order to spearhead his career and his confidence!



From China

Jian is from China. He moved to Canada and has been speaking English for over 19 years. He explained that his communication skills were extremely important in his career as a large portion of his position included presenting to high stakes executives. Jian was having difficulties being understood and was frequently asked to repeat himself. He explained that during presentations, it was clear to him by the faces of the listeners, that they were straining to understand him during talks and presentations. Jian wanted to improve the clarity of his speech, be understood, and have a greater impact communicating the important information he was trying to convey. After completing the 13 week PROactive Accent Modification program with Rebecca, Jian improved his English pronunciation by 71%! His clarity and confidence when speaking English impacted him in such a significant way!


Senior Manager/Consultant and AI expert

From China

There is literally nothing different about you and these past successful clients, with the exception that these people went all in and signed up for the PROactive Pronunciation Coaching Program. They knew they wanted a life where they weren't constantly being asked to repeat themselves but, knew they couldn't do it on their own. Apply today, your future's waiting!


Future PROactive Pronunciation Success Story!

Now it’s your turn!

How Much Will You Improve?

I want to see you speaking English as clearly and confidently as you can. If your message isn’t getting understood, I can offer you the support you need to achieve your pronunciation goals.

As You Can See...

The PROactive Pronunciation System has already helped countless people around the world...the question is, are YOU next?

Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of joining the PROactive Pronunciation System Coaching Program! 

In-Depth English Pronunciation Instruction

This program has no fluff. No theory. Just 100% actionable material that is specific to your exact pronunciation issues. This helps you to improve your English pronunciation in a measurable way, in record time.

Always Up-To-Date

You never have to worry about being taught outdated methods, the strategies you’re taught is always current and up to date.

All About Results

If you want a high-level approach and theory, this isn’t for you. The PROactive Pronunciation System is engineered to deliver functional and measurable RESULTS.

Works For Any Learner

Our program is based on a method with over 20 years of evidence-based research. And it works.

Your Pronunciation Won’t Fix Itself!

I wish it wasn’t true, but your English pronunciation probably isn’t going to improve on its own. Unfortunately if you’re not being understood today, this trend will likely continue day-in and day-out, for the rest of your life!

Why is that, you ask? Well, here are a few common truths about how to improve English pronunciation:

1. If You Can’t Hear It, You Can’t Say It!

Before speaking with accurate pronunciation, you must first be able to “hear” or discriminate new sounds that are not native to your first language.

If you cannot hear the subtle nuances between consonants and vowels, then you will never be able to hear if you are pronouncing your sounds correctly and therefore will likely waste a lot of time with minimal to no results. This requires a trained professional.

2. Repeating Doesn’t Mean Fixing

If you are relying on just repeating native speakers through online videos and English TV or movies, you are missing one ESSENTIAL element required to improve your pronunciation. Feedback! What typically occurs, is that you try to repeat what you hear, using the sounds that exist from your first language.

Without having learned the new pronunciation of Standard American English sounds, and without the knowledgeable feedback of a qualified instructor, you risk wasting potentially years of your life without the results you need.

3. Quality Practice Counts More Than Quantity

Having the proper instruction is incredibly important for those who want to improve their pronunciation skills. Although practice makes perfect, you need to know HOW to practice.

Therefore, it’s really PERFECT practice that makes perfect. And if you’re not practicing right, you’re wasting your time. And that’s where an instructor comes in.

I will teach you how to practice so all that effort doesn’t go to waste.

So, now you have two choices:

Choice 1: Do nothing, and repeat native English speakers for the rest of your life, never knowing if you are hearing correctly, pronouncing correctly, and never knowing if you’ve actually improved.


Choice 2: Book your application call, and in just 13 sessions SIGNIFICANTLY improve your pronunciation, receive the FEEDBACK you need, get the SUPPORT you want, and save YEARS of struggling with being understood.

The bottom line is: You need to hire a Speech Language Pathologist to see these results!

If you’d like to improve your English pronunciation sooner rather than later, I will help you!

Book a quick and casual application call with me so we can go over your goals and see if you’re a good fit for the PROactive Coaching Program.

Studies reveal…

Your communication skills matter more than you may realize.

If you’re like me, you want to see what the research says about how your pronunciation is impacting your life. So, as a gift, I’ve saved you a little time and compiled a few studies I’ve found.

The first set of studies I’d like to share shows that accent-related interventions (a.k.a. accent reduction / accent modification / English pronunciation instruction) do work!

A study published in the Ochsner Journal entitled, A Systematic Review of Interventions to Address Accent-Related Communication Problems, showed that: 

The key benefits associated with accent interventions include improvements in speech production, communication competence, and academic/clinical performance, as well as perceptual changes.

Another study published by Poonam Khurana and Edgar Huang in the Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice entitled, Efficacy of Accent Modification Training for International Medical Professionals, showed that:

…participants felt better about their ability to communicate: they had fewer negative feelings and believed they were better understood by others. Finally, they believed that others understood a higher percentage of their speech after the course.

Analysis of the data showed that the independent evaluators and the instructors also noted improvement in all aspects of the participants’ communication. They, too, rated the participants higher in their abilities after the course, thus validating the participants’ perceptions.

The greatest impact of the course was on the students' confidence. Most of them reported a much higher level of confidence in their conversations in English with American peers and patients.

The next set of studies I think have value are those showing a link between communication barriers caused by pronunciation and their impact on income level, employability, and the perceptions of others.

Here are the links to those studies so you can go over the data for yourself!

Study #1: The Wage Penalty of Regional Accents

Study #2: Effect of Accent and Dialect on Employability

Study #3: Do We Trust People Who Speak With an Accent?

Study #4: Why Don't We Believe Non-Native Speakers? The Influence of Accent on Credibility

The negative impacts of a communication barrier are experienced all around the globe, and currently it’s one of those unfortunate truths that exist in our current societal climate. The facts show that there is likely a current impact on your career and your income.

If you’re still struggling with your English pronunciation, I would love to help you!

Book a free application call, and we can decide together if this program is the right fit for you. 

Are You A Good Fit?

Not everyone is a perfect fit for the PROactive Pronunciation System. I am seeking 10 highly motivated clients this month.

This course is BEST suited for:

  • Professionals and students who speak English as a second language.

  • Those that can commit to 13 sessions of instruction.

  • Those that feel they are constantly being misunderstood.

  • Those that know improving their English pronunciation will dramatically change their life.

This course is NOT a good fit for:

  • Those that are still struggling to learn the English language. It is a requirement that clients be able to converse in English with some proficiency.

  • Those that don’t feel that their English pronunciation is having a profound effect on their professional or personal life.

  • Those that don’t have an adequate internet connection or private place to conduct their sessions.

  • Those that don’t have the time to practice consistently or are not able to book a one hour session once per week over a 16 week period.

Some Common Questions

What if I can’t afford this program?

The PROactive Pronunciation System is an extremely UNIQUE and CUSTOM TAILORED program. It offers support like no other. The cost is competitive given the value that my clients receive. If price is an issue, speak with me about the payment options that are available.

What will I need to start the program?

You need nothing more than a computer with a functioning camera and microphone, a WIFI/Internet connection of 10Mbps or higher, and access to a quiet, private space.

Why should I apply for this program?

Results: If you complete the PROactive Pronunciation System, and follow the recommended practice, you are expected to see results of 50-80% fewer pronunciation errors in standard American English.

Expertise: You will be working directly one-on-one with a certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Coach who has a Master in Health Science Degree with 12 years of articulation experience. You have come to the right place!

Flexibility: Book your sessions on our convenient booking tool, all while enjoying the convenience of training in the comfort of your location of choice, at a time that is convenient for you.

Price: My prices are extremely competitive with other individualized accent reduction services. The value you receive via support in the PROactive Pronunciation System is what makes this program stand out from the rest.

Ease: My simple to use home practice makes learning a breeze. You will be provided with convenient scheduling options and equally convenient virtual training.

Support: I will customize all of your exact pronunciation needs with a FULLY TAILORED plan. I will be with you through the whole process, with messaging between sessions, and file sharing for daily support. You’re not alone anymore!

How can I trust that this program really works?

This program is based on more than 20 years of research utilizing the Compton P-ESL method. This method demonstrates consistent student improvement of at least 50%-80% when 19 target sounds are addressed over the course of 13 sessions with direct training and regular practicing.

Speak with me about my Money Back Guarantee: because I TRUST in this process and I trust in you!

Will my insurance cover Accent Modification?

Accent Modification may qualify for coverage, and MANY employers pay for Accent Reduction programs or a percentage of a program. Ask your insurance provider or employer for details. Upon completion of this program, a certificate will be provided as proof of completion.

Will my accent come back if I stop working on it? Will I lose my accent?

You will learn specific strategies to enhance your pronunciation of Standard American English. Think of it as gaining a new “tool” to use in your daily life.

The goal is to become automatic and habituated to your new way of speaking; you will also be able to use your former accent whenever you choose. This is called “code switching”.

Why is English pronunciation so difficult?

Pronunciation is often not taught, and even taught incorrectly, when Instructors are not native English speakers. You must first learn to hear and distinguish the sounds of English before you can produce them.

To further complicate matters, English words are not necessarily pronounced the way they are spelled.

I am a busy professional, what if I don’t have the time to practice?

As with all types of learning, practice is an essential component for change. This program will require a commitment on your part, however, much of the practice is conversation.

When you speak with your family, friends, colleagues, or patients, you will use this as practice when you use your skills intentionally.

What results can I expect?

The PROactive Pronunciation System is based on the Compton P-ESL program which been meticulously researched. The expected results are a 50-80% improvement in speech sounds with the recommended daily practice.

English Pronunciation vs. Speech Therapy

English Pronunciation vs. Speech Therapy

What Accent Modification/Reduction IS and what it ISN'T!

Not a single person on the planet is without an accent. But, when you're speaking a language that isn't your native tongue, sounds, or a lack there of, from your native language, can impede your ability to properly pronounce the words you're trying to speak in your non-native one.

In the case of English, many people can become fluent in the language but, still struggle with being understood because when they learned English they may not have had proper instruction on the sounds they needed to produce in order for the words they are speaking to make sense.

Because of this, sometimes people want to be able to alter the way they speak those words so that others don't have as much of an issue discerning what they're trying to say. Speech language pathologists (SLPs), are uniquely qualified to help.

What's the deal with accents?

As you know everyone has an accent of some sort. Accents can be thought of in two ways. Regional accents are those accents that people have when they speak the same native language but, their pronunciation differs usually due to the specific location, or region, in which they were born. Think of a Texas accent vs. a New York one.

A National origin accent is one where someone learns to speak a second language. Think of someone who was born in France growing up speaking French who learned English as a second language later on in life.

So as you can see accents themselves are completely natural, no matter what language you're speaking. This makes no single accent better over another. Further, it is crucial to recognize that having an accent is in no way a speech or language disorder it's simply a speech difference.

That being said there is a dirty little secret ESL teachers’ may not want you to know: An ESL teacher focuses primarily on syntax, vocabulary, tense use, and grammar.

But, it's not enough to just focus on sounds or the proper placement of the tongue, teeth, and lips. Linking, intonation, reduction, and stress are just as important. And that’s why an SLP in the role of an English pronunciation (accent modification instructor) is invaluable.

Due to the rigorous educational background and training I’ve gone through as an SLP goes I have specific and intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the speech mechanism, specifically when it comes to articulation. This makes it possible for me to better coach those trying to improve their pronunciation on exactly what sounds they need to make for certain words but, also EXACTLY how to produce them.

Working with a client one-on-one is the best environment for success as I will be able to give direct and specific feedback to you as an individual. It isn't a cookie cutter approach. The highest degree of success comes from a fully supported one-on-one method.

Again, It should be noted, that English pronunciation / accent modification / accent reduction instruction IS NOT speech therapy. This is because having an accent is not a speech or language disorder.

It must be clear that I am not treating you as an Speech Language Pathologist but, rather an English pronunciation or accent modification instructor.

But, you can be confident that working with me, someone with these credentials, experience, and knowledge, gives you an advantage when it comes to achieving your English pronunciation goals!